TALC Officers


Kevin Daly, President 

Jill Castellano, Vice President   

Barbara Moreland, V.P. Membership

Anna Whitten, Secretary

Shay Pearson, Treasurer


Dr. Kerr Fazzone, Director

Lois Dubay, Membership

FEA Governance Bd.

Kevin Daly, President

Charla Fox


TALC Area Coordinators

Area 1: Sean Griffin, Trafalgar Middle
Area 2: Samantha Hower, Mariner High 
Area 3: Jolene Reynolds, Bayshore Elementary 
Area 4: Lisa DuBrava, Edgewood Academy
Area 5: Karie Rathbun, James Stephens International Academy
Area 6: Michael Auer, Learning and Leadership Teacher
Area 7: Charla Fox, South Fort Myers High
Area 8: Mina Soccarras-Daegling,  Riverhall Elementary
Area 9: Bob Scoppettuolo, Three Oaks Middle
Area 10: Rob Moor, East Lee County High


Here is the signed Memorandum of Understanding clarifying how the "Recognition" portion of the Best and Brightest bonus program will be distributed here in Lee County.


We are currently working with the District to bargain the implementation of new sign-out procedures. 


Our direction, until an agreement is reached, is to sign-in when you arrive to work, and sign-out when you leave. We will post the agreement here when signed.


Instructional staff do not need to sign-in and sign-out at the start and end of contract hours.