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We are here to serve the needs of our teachers and educational professionals in Hendry and Lee Counties

The final version of HB 7069:

Limits the amount of time for administration of test to no more than 5% of total school hours per student per year (45 hours);

Reduces the impact of test scores on teacher evaluation from 50% to 33%;

Requires reporting assessment results by benchmark and standard (when available);

Prohibits districts from giving finals in courses where statewide standardized exams already exist;

Requires the validation of statewide standardized tests by an independent entity before school grades may be published and before student performance data may be used for teacher and administrator evaluations;

Eliminates progress monitoring requirement;

Requires that district  assessment results be returned by the end of the year and district-wide assessment results to be returned within 30 days;

Requires state assessment results be returned “by the end of the school year,” except for current contracts (with AIR and Pearson);

Eliminates 11th grade ELA  FSA and PERT;

Eliminates the requirement of remedial classes in grades 6-12; and

Change to school start date which allows districts to start school no earlier than August 10.